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What I don’t get;


One Year Ago; 

Tumblr was on the side of The Rock for everything he was saying against John Cena. 

Now; The Rock is facing  CM Punk for the title and everyone hates Rock. 

Why can’t you like both? They’re both great at cutting promos. Punk is a better wrestler, but why can’t you just sit back and enjoy the drama?

I left tumblr during late 2011 when everyone here used to love The Rock & many of those who liked The Rock back then & kept LOLing at every joke by The Rock were also CM Punk fans so u can imagine the shock when I just came back 2 or 3 weeks ago & saw all this hate from the same people who liked him back then lol I just don’t get it were they been hypocrite or anti Cena fans? or they’re just kids? u know kids don’t like when someone fight with their idol he automatically become an evil person lol  

: I'm just laughing


People on here (read: CM Punk fans) are all up in arms because the Rock has returned. Let’s be clear. The Rock did not ask for the title. The Rock does not need the title.The title needs him. You’re mad because he’s getting a title shot that will most certainly end Punk’s tedious reign? Then you…

they just don’t understand how this things works, look guys it’s an honor for CM Punk if he wrestle The Rock or Stone Cold even if he didn’t win cuz that means he’s up there he’s that good to face them & I strongly believe that CM Punk himself been also trying to face 1 of them by bashing them to create a feud if u actually noticed :) & from the way The Rock is talking to CM Punk with all seriousness he respect CM Punk & see a very talented WWE superstar. 

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